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Where to play
Polo clubs can be found throughout England, many of them catering for beginners.  Some of the Pony Clubs have also taken up polo because of an increase in young players.  The Hurlingham Polo Association (the "HPA") - the governing body for the sport can supply a list of  "Approved Coaches".

Hurlingham Polo Association:

Who can play
There is no age limit.  The HPA has 5,000 members of all ages, playing through 51 clubs and 62 pony clubs.

How much does it cost
At some polo clubs and schools, ponies, sticks and balls can be hired for hourly sessions at reasonable rates.  Many Pony Clubs also have sticks and balls freely available.  Helmets are compulsory.
To play, it is really no more than the cost of keeping a pony, plus a club subscription of, in some cases, only a few hundred pounds.  Generally a minimum of 2 ponies are needed for to play full games.

Pony Clubs
David Cowley, Tel: 01420 562 520, Fax: 01420 562262

Schools & Universities Polo Association
Mrs Jenny Blake Thomas,  Tel:  01892 770 591, Fax:  01892 770 899.

Polo Rules Tutorial
Click here for a polo tutorial sponsored by the US Polo Association:
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